The Elite Investors Club.

Join the big kids table

no one ever told

you about.

Access the exclusive, behind-the-curtains opportunities of our joint ventures deals,

masterclasses, monthly property picks and more - no matter where you are in your commercial investment journey.


Your All-Access Investor Pass​

Every month you’ll receive invitations to investment opportunities, expert trainings and community support designed to skyrocket your wealth growth journey.

  • Full Access To Our Monthly Property Picks

    Shortcut your portfolio research with full access to cash-on-cash reports, Information Memorandums and due
    diligence checks that our team have conducted for each of our monthly Property Picks.

  • Joint Venture Opportunities

    Receive first priority invitations to joint venture partnership on high-yielding properties, coupled with specific monthly
    trainings relating to those investments.

  • Education

    Over 50+ videos and trainings teaching you everything you need to know about buying and owning commercial real

  • Community

    Access invaluable advice and support through our online group discussions and monthly masterclasses.

Mish has a brilliant team of equally experienced people around her, all professionals in their field whom she works closely with – they are all worth their weight in gold!

Mish’s ability to guide, encourage and give that sometimes  needed, extra boot up the behind is invaluable. I feel excited to embark on my commercial property journey with Mish as my coach!


Thank you Mish, for your support and endless knowledge – you are a star.

Philippa Bennet


Is This Right For You?​

The Investors Club is for anyone who is interested in growing their portfolio with commercial property, regardless of where they are in their journey.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll fastrack your journey to understanding what’s possible with commercial real estate.

If you’re an experienced investor or ready to have our team source properties for you, this will give you an insight into what’s available on the market.


Can anyone be in the Elite Investors Club?

What is the difference between the two payment options?

Need More Information?


The All-In Investor:

1 Payment of $1,500

● Facebook Group Community Access
● Monthly Webinars
Immediate Access To All Investor Club Trainings
Lifetime Access To The Investor Club
● 30min Strategy Call With Mish

The Toe-Dip Investor:

Monthly Subscription of $295

● Facebook Group Community Access
● Monthly Webinars
● Access To A New Investor Club Training Each Month

Sample Of Investor Club Trainings:

● How to create your Personal MasterPlan*
● How to interpret the Portfolio Picks List*
● How to read an IM (Information Memorandum) & decide if a property is right for you
● How to conduct thorough due diligence before buying ANY property!
● Top tips for negotiating investment deals
● How to structure your tenant agreements for monthly positive cashflow

* (Available immediately for both payment options)

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